Readin', Writin' & Ryth-ma-tic 13

Saturday November 3, 2018 Doors open at 6pm

Line Auction & 52 Card Raffle 6pm-8pm
Food Stations 6-8pm
Dinner 6pm-8pm
Concert at 8pm

An Auction Dinner Concert to benefit Music Education in our schools. In concert this year is Steve Azar & The Kingsmen.

To purchase tickets for the annual Readin', Writin' & Ryth-ma-tic Dinner contact Bill Worst at or call 481-8183


In April of 2016, Steve became the first artist to record a full-length studio album at the legendary Mississippi landmark, Club Ebony. A long time in the making, and his first record in 5 years, Steve cut 13 new original tracks. The club, now belonging to the B.B. King Museum, was turned into a recording studio capturing the rich history and vibe of the room and in turn creating inspirational performances on the record. The album, Down At The Liquor Store, was made with the participation of The Kings Men, a group of musicians who backed B.B. King, Elvis Presley and other musical Kings. The combination of Steve's Delta songwriting approach and the band's musical background has created a unique and soulful sound that audiences will be hearing in the later part of 2017. Down At The Liquor Store is an authentic Delta Soul record. Read the full bio