Music at the Pinnacle Center
Playing percussion instruments donated by MTBM.

Support Music


A unique opportunity to sponsor our "Readin', Writin' & Ryth-ma-tic" auction  dinner concert is available. Please review the sponsorship information here. Contact Bill Worst at 1-616-481-8183, or email for more information.

Our music education programs need every bit of help they can get. As a corporate sponsor you can play an important role in bolstering these programs and in the lives they enrich — both in our schools and our communities.

While students benefit the most from your company’s contribution, you won’t do so bad yourself either. Because we are a nonprofit organization, every donation also represents a generous tax write-off for your business. Plus, in addition to being recognized at special events, our sponsors are also highlighted on the Music to Benefit Music website. Finally, because all proceeds go directly to local schools and communities, you get the satisfaction of making an impact right in your own back yard.

Want to know more? Whether you’re interested in sponsoring an entire series, or participating on an event-to-event basis, please contact Bill Worst at 1-616-481-8183, or e-mail

Also, please download and review our sponsorship letter by clicking here.